Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heroes: from the male vs. female point-of-view

So this is just an observation after having read about the preposterously, farfetched Adrien Hunt in Judith Ivory's ANGEL IN A RED DRESS' .

I suppose this goes without saying, but if you'll indulge me here.

In terms of the hero, female romance novelists often portray their heroes with outlandish displays of power cocooning a vulnerability and weakness that only the heroine is privy to. ANGEL IN A RED DRESS' Adrien is every bit as vain and outlandish as they get.

Male authors from other genres, on the other hand, often take the opposite route: you have a seemingly ordinary guy cloaking a hidden power, a hidden strength.

Age plays a large factor. Often female authors' heroes are older, more experienced and more established in their power. While male authors' heroes are a bit younger, and their power is veiled. Adult SFF author Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs is old and experienced though, and every bit as powerful, just not as ridiculously outlandish or such a pretty-boy. Same goes for Matt Stover's Caine.

Which one do you prefer? I think you can tell my preference . . . Of course Ivory's Adrien Hunt is really an extreme archetype in romance.

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