Monday, June 11, 2007

The Captain of all Pleasures, by Kresley Cole [3]

***/***** (3/5)

I'm almost finished with The Lords of the White Castle, and it feels like you've led a very long, exhausting life.

In the meantime, among the three Kresley Cole novels I've read, her debut effort THE CAPTAIN OF ALL PLEASURES is the only one I enjoyed. Here's the brief reaction/review:

The book had me smiling in the beginning, bored in the middle and anxious for an end towards the conclusion.

Nicole has to sail her father's ship the Bella Nicola after her father lands in jail for fighting with their strongest competition, our tortured hero, the Earl Derrick Sutherland. Tempers and passions flare between Nicole and Derrick as they vie for position and advantage in the boat race.

I found the beginning very fun, the middle sort of dragged after Derrick incarcerates Nicole, but Nicole is also at her best here, and very fun to read.

The conclusion - though happy - I thought could have been better crafted and not so blatantly set up for a sequel with Grant, which I already wanted to read about without the 2 chapters ending with a focus on Grant (but later, I sorely regretted wanting to read that sequel with Grant in THE PRICE OF PLEASURE).

I was surprised to see the hero and heroine on equal footing by the end of the novel. Usually one or the other sacrifices way too much to meet the other's demands for being together.

Overall, a fun romance with some heated passions.

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