Saturday, June 9, 2007

Warsworn, by Elizabeth Vaughan [2]

**/***** (2/5)

I'm absolutely lost in Chadwick's epic romance, Lords of the White Castle, and only 250 pages in on a 614-page hardcover. Not a light read by any stretch of the imagination, it's very melancholy and sad at times, and the epic nature of the book only magnifies these responses. Still, it's got me completely hooked and I often find myself pausing just for a breath of air to shake my head repeatedly, or simply rereading parts.

On to WARSWORN's (extremely brief) review though, the second installment in Elizabeth Vaughan's trilogy about a girl handed over to a barbarian warlord as a warprize...

Vaughan takes a decidedly dark turn with WARSWORN, and it just doesn't fit after a very endearing and entertaining WARPRIZE. I don't believe the novel successfully enmeshes the continued romance between Lara & Keir in the midst of a plague which kills thousands.

Also, the constant first-person vantage point started to wear in this novel. Just seems to limit the overall reading experience considerably, especially so in a dark novel like this one.

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