Monday, January 21, 2008

Menage scenes in erotica

So I've run across a lot of erotica featuring two (or more) guys and one girl. Yes, I can understand how literature provides a nice outlet for women to vicariously enact sexual desires they're unlikely to experience in real life, and that's all fine. It's another reason why you rarely see "nice" heroes and the lot of'em are high-handed, dominant alpha rakes.

But man, it pisses me off to no end when erotica authors manufacture a "love" between the woman and one of the men she's getting pounded by in a menage scene.

Please, please, PLEASE leave love out of it. Clearly this is a fantasy about a woman getting nailed by multiple men with huge erections at the same time. Fabricating a circumstance in the paranormal or modern realm where it's customary or tradition for the woman to get nailed by more than one man at the same time and then contrive a love with one of the men... it's just ridiculous. Guys screwing a girl with other guys at the same time do not feel love for the girl. Even if the guy is bisexual (which also happens often in erotica), there's still *no* way he can forget that he shared the woman he supposedly "loves" and she enjoyed it tremendously. Lingering and suppressed grudges will inevitably decimate any potential for a meaningful monogamous relationship. And if there's no lingering grudges from the guy, then there's no love!

For example, I read an erotica where it's customary in elven culture for the leader or king of the elves to share his bride with another man so both can be attuned to her and "protect" her as needed. Please. Right before both men screw the girl, the king thinks to himself that he loves her and this will be the last time he'll share his wife with another man. Aren't you the king/leader? If you "love" her, change custom! Do something about it! But don't give me crap about love and then go through with it. I read another story where the story contrives to have the husband get off on watching and taking his wife with his brothers. It was actually a ritual for the brothers (a "claiming"), and it's beyond retarded because the husband and wife "love" each other. Are you kidding me, no guy would want to share the woman he "loves."

So why doesn't the woman get off on sharing her man with other women?

Seriously, if erotica novelists want to contrive a love between one of the men and the girl from 2+guy-and-1-girl scene(s), then let's see a scene where the girl shares the guy she supposedly "loves" with another woman. Otherwise just leave the scene alone for it's raw value: more than one gorgeous man pleasuring the woman. It's raw sex dealing with multiple men pounding a single woman. Nothing close to the profound intimacies of a monogamous relationship.

Is my way of thinking too traditional? Hell, I'm fairly liberal but I will never see love in multiple men screwing a woman in all her orifices. Regardless how much the story wants to force a "love." A lusty woman? Sure, and there's nothing wrong with that, but love? Uhuh, keep telling yourself that you love the person you share with other people.

Okay enough of my ranting and raving.

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