Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More erotica reviews

A Grand Passion, by Samantha Winston (*****)

What a cute love story! This one, along with Evangeline Anderson's SECRET THIRST (*****) is passionate, hot and very romantic too! The hero-and-heroine chemistry resonated in both Anderson's story and here in Winston's. After the death of her beloved husband our heroine Casey travels to Italy to take art classes. There, she interviews soccer star Alessandro Sottini for a friend back in the States. Ignorant of the sport and taken aback by Alessandro's long eyelashes and beauty, Casey stumbles through the interview. Things progress between the two slowly at first then rather vigorously. The Italian media turns Alessandro and Casey's relationship into a public affair and they face many obstacles. For one, Casey is described as a "generously curved" and since she's older than Alessandro, Italian soccer fans and media alike deem her unworthy of their soccer star Alessandro. When Casey's foster parents (and in-laws) drop in, things further deteriorate between our hero and heroine.

The end was very sweet, and extremely romantic, concluding on a very satisfying note. The sensuality, passion and chemistry between Alessandro and Casey resonated and their love finally found a way in spite of all the road blocks. A GRAND PASSION is so cute and hot, it's worth a re-read.

, by Chris Janglen and Michele R. Bardsley (***)

A 49-page "quickie," our story focuses on Arissa, who suffered a disastrous ending to a relationship her fiance publicly shattered 6 months ago. Arissa's friend enlists her into a sex agency (1800SEX4YOU) for some great anonymous sex and practically shove her back into the dating scene. Shedding her ordinary visage in favor of makeup, a slinky, strapless black dress and three-inch heels ("fuck-me pumps"), Arissa prepares to thrust herself back into the dating scene some with some anonymous sex. Despite resorting to anonymous sex, Arissa fantasizes over her boss Derek Mortenson who is described as "big, tall, broad-shouldered and muscled."

Derek Anderson has no time for girlfriends and relationships and so uses the same sex agency for his voracious sexual appetite. For reasons which escape him, he's attracted to his employee Arissa and when he sees her tape in the sex agency, he volunteers himself for Arissa's one night of anonymous sex. Derek is a well-respected member of this sex agency, and because of the myriad of compliments he's received from women, the agency allows him many privileges including his choice of ladies and a personal robe with his name.

The short story takes place in one night as Derek pleasures a blindfolded (initially) Arissa. Big cocks, muscles and abs obviously take precedence in a story so short, though it's presented with some flair and comedy. Both Arissa and Derek describe events in the first-person alternately and I actually found Derek's sensual ministrations proficient and efficacious. There's some chemistry here, but egregious references to Derek's skill and size mired any potential long-term connection and it seemed like he settled down for Arissa. Another cartoon pimp servicing the lonely, ordinary girl? You bet.

Charming the Snake (three stories), by Mary Janice Davidson, Camille Anthony and Melissa Schroeder

The first story -- SAVAGE SCAVANGE (*) -- by Mary Janice Davidson is pretty dry. It's another futuristic tale that takes place 3 months after another one of her books. There's one very lackluster sex scene, it's different (not necessarily satisfying for the woman), and Davidson's story is also the shortest of the three contained in CHARMING THE SNAKE. Our heroine is Dr. Gladys Loder of the "B-Block" who ventures to a lower part of town. There's a culture in this futuristic world with mutes and a hierarchal society. Gladys pleasures our hero Jaz, though I found the portrayal lazy.

The second story, Melissa Schroeder's SEDUCING THE SAINT (****), is the best of the lot and also the longest. Libby's acrimonious disposition towards 6-foot-4 womanizer Brady (misnamed the "Saint") was entertaining here, while Brady's selfish desires appropriate. Again, it's futuristic and about two lovers finding their way back to each other after the heroine Liberty (Libby) Wainwright called it off years ago. Libby needs help finding her missing father and no one is better than the mercenary Saint (Brady). Brady accompanies Libby on her journey and the two renew their passion, chemistry and love for each other. Renew is a bad word for it -- more like ignite. It was hot, it resonated with chemistry and passion depicting a love that never died. The little pretense of a story to find her father helped the setting.

The final story was also hot but the most superficial of the three as well. Camille Anthony's CARTE BLANCHE (**) is about Regency England in a futuristic setting. Our beautiful virgin heiress Chastity Tilson agrees to come out for the Season and hunt for the assassin that attacked her father. She spies notorious libertine Darian "Dare" Acer below a stairwell in a ballroom and his oozing masculine sex appeal ropes in Chastity despite promising herself she'll never allow a man to tie her down. After a meeting where Chastity proposes "carte blanche" to Darian (Chastity will support Darian financially in return for his sexual services), Darian initiates Chastity to sex. Of course Darian feels insulted that she'd ask him such a thing and he actually wanted to propose marriage, but accepts Chastity's "carte blanche" arrangement anyway. Steamy sex scenes and a pimp initiating a virgin to sex summarize this common fare.

Wednesday Nights with Jaime, by Daisy Dexter Dobbs (**)

This one is hot too, though I found the avid descriptions of Jaime's appearance superficial. The interracial issues and racial prejudices from the lead pair's families also drained the love and passion. Additionally, it wants to tackle a woman's issues with her weight. Jaime is Lyla Lassiter's boss; he's black, hunky and Lyla fantasizes of him every Wednesday night while she's pleasuring herself with chocolate and a vibrator. Lyla, a "generously-curved" white woman, lusts after Jaime's pecs and cock pretty much for the entire story. After an incident which leads Jaime to reveal his attraction for Lyla, the two go at it in the office. The words they say to each other are steamy but again, the glib references to Jaime's physical appearance swallows the chemistry along with Jaime's cock. Jaime reveals his love for Lyla after their second time, proposes and they share challenges from their family as they plan the wedding since he's black and she's white.

Pearls of Passion, by Ann Jacobs ()

This 56-page quickie is a zero. Basically taking place in a futuristic, oriental setting, you have ceremonial wedding between youngest daughter Pearl and the stoic Pak Lin. Pak Lin is the son of a sexbot mogul, and he's created 6 gorgeous male sexbots for Pearl's pleasure. The 6 gorgeous sexbots titillate and arouse her to the brink of climax as Lin straps on a dildo to claim her both from the vagina and anus at the same time. The rest of the brief story has Pearl taking it in the mouth, ass, cunt, and her breasts thrust into mouths, all at the same time. Our hero Lin even takes it in the mouth and ass while he's screwing Pearl who's also taking it in the mouth and ass. Nothing timid about this novel. Lin is almost obsessive over perfecting his cock designs on the sexbots. The whole time I'm thinking why isn't there a scene with multiple female sexbots with Lin involving the heroine Pearl? It's only fair. Alas, it is of course women's erotica where more than one woman (including the heroine) with one man is rare, while multiple men (including the hero) with one woman very common. Nothing kills romance, love and chemistry like multiple cocks pumping the heroine (and hero in this case) in various orifices.

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