Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Seduction, by Nicole Jordan [1]


I was thoroughly disenchanted by this novel after reading THE WARRIOR first. I believe Nicole Jordan wrote THE WARRIOR first, and this particular novel pales in comparison.

This book appears to recycle and repeat a lot from THE WARRIOR. Exactly like THE WARRIOR, there's plenty of introspection from the lead pair and plenty of screen time between the two. Exactly like THE WARRIOR there's a baddie which makes an attempt on the heroine's virtue. Exactly like THE WARRIOR, towards the end the hero proposes marriage, the heroine asks why and rejects the proposal after hearing the answer deeming the reasons for it unsatisfactory, and finally the hero repents and tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the heroine. I thought THE WARRIOR did all of these much better, without the blatant pornographic feeling of this particular novel.

There's even a quote in THE SEDUCTION which I believe was taken word for word from the THE WARRIOR about plying the heroine with wine. I swear!

Both Damien and Vanessa appear to be playing a game of Dare, daring the other to go to the next extreme before they reveal their true feelings for each other. The mid to later parts of the novel reads as though from a porn, containing endless pages of "seduction."

I found the ending very lacking. After Vanessa hears of all of Damien's altruistic acts towards her family, she finally goes to him when Damien bequeaths a substantial sum of money in her name, giving her something she's always wanted: her independence and freedom to marry whomever she wishes. Despite all of the letters demonstrating Damien's reformed status and Damien finally saying the words that he loves Vanessa, Vanessa wants to know how he can know it's love?! Wow, just wow...

I know many don't read romance novels for the plot, but boy, this novel takes plotting to new lows. There's plenty of repetition and the characters aren't endearing in the least. I found the romance dry as well.

I'll have to give Nicole Jordan one more try and see if she repeats and recycles so much, because I really enjoyed THE WARRIOR.

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