Sunday, May 27, 2007

Unveiled, by Kristina Cook [3]

***/***** (3/5)

In Kristina Cook's UNVEILED, demons haunt both our hero and heroine, which is a slight deviation from the heroine-helps-hero-overcome-his-inner-demons-and-his-past storyline. Although there's that here too.

The book is more about the message than the plotting to get there; the message being: you must take a risk and overcome your fears to be truly happy.

The beautiful Miss Jane Rosemoor, 25-26, has rejected many offers of marriage because she believes that having children will make her go insane due to a mental illness which runs in the family. Meanwhile, our tall, dark and handsome (not to mention rich) Lord Hayden Moreland, Earl of Westfield, believes he's a curse to the women he loves in his life, having lost his mother, his sister and his fiance. Still, he seeks a wife for a motherly presence for his young niece.

After an initial meeting, Hayden is intrigued by Jane, while Jane finds Hayden a "bloody arrogant fool." Following Hayden's rather insulting marriage proposal more driven by calculation than by heart, the book meanders into a series of encounters between the leading pair under the context of parties, soires, balls, and theater events.

The ending lives up to the romance genre satisfactorily, concluding on a very fun, mushy note. Nothing especially extraordinary here, but not bad either, and contains the right touches of a light, but fun, romance.

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