Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Warrior, by Nicole Jordan [4]


I have to say I find Nicole Jordan's style interesting, to say the least. Jordan often times shifts perspective in the middle of a page, between Ranulf and Ariane, first describing what Ariane was thinking in one paragraph and then all of a sudden describing what Ranulf was thinking the very next paragraph.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel, even though Ranulf's treatment of Ariane often times bordered on cruelty. I also thought that Ranulf's reasons for his harshness towards Ariane weren't justified. What his cold demeanor served, however, was to strengthen Ariane's character tenfold. Predictably, Ariane is a bit stubborn and rebellious, but unpredictably, she's very strong to endure and accede to Ranulf's very rigid treatment without complaint.

I don't find myself often rooting so much for the heroine in romance novels as much as I rooted for Ariane. Mainly because I know romance-novel heroines are usually very stubborn and uncompromising in their own way to get the guy completely on their terms, but I absolutely loved Ariane. I found myself wanting to see Ariane make Ranulf suffer. And she finally does make him suffer in the end a bit.

The novel ends very satisfactorily and Ariane's enormous heart and strength in the face of trying circumstances rule supreme. The book belongs to Ariane, and deservedly so.

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